Entry #11

NG audio cd update!

2009-06-09 19:19:38 by KTRECORDS

WF1 and KTRECORDS have collaborated on a new song title "Breaking Restraints" . Check it out!

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Last post I mentioned that WF1 and F-777 are heading up a project and asked Josh and I to be a part of it. So far things seem to be runnin smoothly! A few artists (including Josh and I) have released demos for the album and they sound great! You can find Josh's demo here and you can find my demo here.

WF1 was also nice enough to make a video collab of the demos and posted them on youtube.

Lastly, if you want more info on the album, be sure to check out

wf1s page for more information on the album and don't forget to vote on the recently rerelease of Moments of Inspiration . It's even better than the first!<a


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2010-06-29 17:24:18

cool i give it a 10


2016-06-20 22:29:56

Where u at? ;-;